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Sunday, April 10, 2011

View useful golf videos and read excellent golf articles

You need a 32 bit browser to view these videos. Both videos and articles are useful if your golf handicap is greater than 10. You can also find golf equipment reviews, such as golf shoes, used golf clubs and used golf carts.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Read Good Golf Articles Here

View Useful Golf Videos Here

Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tired of Slicing The Ball?

Cure your slice NOW and enjoy the game much more. You will actually hit the ball on the fairway! No more traipsing through woods or bogs trying to find your ball. No more holding up your fellow players.

Take the golf slice cure now and add 20 yards to every shot. Envision every shot you take from your driver to your pitching wedge going high and STRAIGHT. See your drives landing in the fairway, NOT the rough.

If you are serious about curing your slice and taking at least 20 strokes off your golf score, you owe it to yourself to try The Dave Way Slice Cure.

Click the link to find out more:
The Dave Way Slice Cure

Did You Know That Putting Is Half Your Golf Score?

So you want to be a better putter! Thanks for clicking through. You have taken a giant step towards taking at least 20 strokes off your golf score.

Think of it: a round is 18 holes and if you are three putting all the time, you are wasting about 18 strokes per round! Could YOU shave 18 strokes off your golf score just by learning to putt better?

Yes, you can! It's easy with the Putting To Win system.

So what do you think about on the putting green? Do you know how to play an uphill putt? A downhill putt? Putts that move from right to left or left to right? Do you know how to read a green? How do you learn?

With the Putting To Win system. Click the link to find out more: Putting To Win

Golf Beginner? Learn Golf The Right Way!

So you're a golf beginner! Thanks for clicking through. You've taken a giant step towards learning golf the right way.

You need to know not just how to swing a club, but why you should buy golf shoes, what other golf equipment you might need, how to find a good golf pro for lessons, even how to practice.

If you are serious about learning how to play golf, you owe it to yourself to try The Beginners Guide To Golf. It covers everything you need to know how to get started in the great game of golf.

Get more info here:
Beginners Guide To Golf

Can You Play Great Golf Without Thinking?

So you want an easy relaxed swing, all without thinking about it! Thanks for clicking have taken a giant step towards helping your subconscious mind overshadow your conscious mind.

Think about driving a car. If you are on a familiar road, do you think much about what you are doing? If you need to turn, do you have to think HOW to turn the wheel? When the light turns red ahead of you, do you think: foot on brake pedal?

Probably not, right? That's your subconscious mind. You've driven a car so much that your conscious mind is completely overshadowed by your subconscious mind. You don't think, you just do.

It's the same with your golf swing. Mastering your conscious mind is the key to great golf. Let your subconscious mind take over for that smooth swing.

Read a free 19 page ebook on the mental side of golf. Click here for the PDF file: The Mental Game of Golf
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